The woven pattern of the veneer is based on a Japanese traditional woven style called "AJIRO",
that is suitable for all sorts of spaces and occasions.

almajiro's woven pattern is based on a traditional japanese woven pattern calleduajirov.
It is made from carefully selected natural woods that are woven together by hand and then glued together by skilled craftsmen.
Almajiro is strong enough to fold, cut, and paint.
The direction of the wood fiber reflects and absorbs the light,so with some of the patterns, you can see Almajiro as three-dimensional.You can enjoy different expressions depending on the angle, the direction of the light, and the woven pattern.

P i f a

Processing Into furniture Almajiro
New Style Of Ajiro Woven Pattern

Tradition meets modern,restful design interiors.

Pifa is the interior series of Almajiro that uses woven sliced veneers.
It is based on the Japanese traditional woven pattern Ajiro, but has been developed as more durable and elaborate.
This traditional fused with modern design provides a restful feeling to varied living areas and occasions.

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